Throughout his career Johnson remained active with various other endeavors. He has been a long-standing member of the board of trustees at Benedict College. Read the Entry »

Once in New York, Johnson took odd jobs before enrolling in 1921 at the National Academy of Design, where fees were modest and tuition was free. Read the Entry »

On March 22, 1804, Johnson became the first Democratic- Republican to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Read the Entry »

In 1802 Jones broadened his entrepreneurial efforts by investing in real estate in Charleston and on Sullivan’s Island. His endeavors evidently flourished, for in 1807 he began to buy slaves to assist him in his business ventures. Read the Entry »

Despite his teaching and administrative commitments, Just found time to pursue scientific research. In 1909 he was invited to the prestigious Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, where he served as a research assistant. Read the Entry »

Intersected by the fall line and two rivers, the Lynches and the Wateree, the geography of Kershaw County influenced its settlement and character. The Piedmont soils of the hilly northwest contrast with the meandering river floodplains in the southeastern section and the sandhills terrain predominant in the other areas. Read the Entry »

Keyserling led successful efforts to improve state funding for the arts, became a major critic of state policy on nuclear waste storage, and provided an influential voice on broad policy issues involving energy. Read the Entry »

Her stellar performance earned King a Tony nomination in 1975 for best actress. Read the Entry »

Ever conscious of racial discrimination, Kitt overcame barriers of prejudice, sometimes militantly, and championed unpopular causes for the downtrodden. Read the Entry »

The Ku Klux Klan was a paramilitary organization formed during Reconstruction to oppose the Republican Party and restore white supremacy in the South. Another organization called the Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1915 after the success of the film Birth of a Nation, which glorified the Reconstruction Klan. Read the Entry »