Chief among the business of the council was the command and administration of the provincial military force and issuing paper currency to finance military expenses. Read the Entry »

Counties, districts, and parishes all existed in South Carolina after independence from Great Britain. Under the 1778 constitution, the parish and the district were election districts for the General Assembly. Read the Entry »

At the heart of country ideology was a profound distrust of human nature. Endowed with reason, man deserved the liberty to chart his own destiny, yet he inevitably hurt others in his quest for fulfillment. Read the Entry »

Early country music featured numerous string bands comprised of fiddle music with rhythm background furnished by guitar, banjo, and sometimes mandolin. Read the Entry »

The Battle of Cowpens was a turning point in the Revolutionary War. Read the Entry »

He won local prominence as a writer and orator, especially for his speeches on behalf of various reforming causes. In 1807 he joined Stephen Elliott, Thomas Smith Grimké, and others to found the Conversation or Literary Club. Read the Entry »

Craven had one of the longest tenures of any proprietary-era governor, and despite political conflict and the outbreak of the Yamassee War in 1715, his was considered one of the most successful terms of office. Read the Entry »

Crum also enjoyed close relations with nationally prominent African Americans, such as the Washington, D.C., businessman Whitefield McKinlay and the newspaper editors Harry Smith and T. Thomas Fortune. Read the Entry »

Brown’s intense, shouting rhythm-and-blues vocal style remained rooted in gospel but was also distinguished by his unusual rolling of consonants. Read the Entry »

On returning to South Carolina after a summer visit with her daughter in Philadelphia, Louisa Byrd Cunningham observed the dilapidated state of George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon. From her sickbed Ann Pamela Cunningham immediately penned an appeal to the “Ladies of the South!” to raise funds to purchase and renovate Mount Vernon. Read the Entry »