Letter, from the Edgefield Advertiser, written by a "Scotchman of South Carolina," to the editor of the Scotch American Journal, New York, justifying secession. View the Document »

An Address of the Congress to the Inhabitants of the United States of America three years after the beginning of a war without parallel in the annals of mankind-- On one side, we behold fraud and violence labouring in the service of despotism; on the other, virtue and fortitude supporting and establishing the right of human nature, signed by HL as president of Congress View the Document »

The lyrics to a ballad, as sung by Rev. W. L. Jones at the Bishops' Council, Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church [near Charleston, South Carolina]. View the Document »

Describes Poinsett's efforts to save overthrown Mexican officials who faced an angry mob. Poinsett unveiled the American Flag and proclaimed that it protected all of those people who took refuge under its principles. View the Document »

Report by Brig. Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw, "H[ea]d Q[uarte]rs Brigade near Chattanooga [Tenn.]" detailing the Battle of Chickamauga (19-20 Sept.). Includes corrections and revisions. From remaining seven pages of of the report, please follow the link to the source URL. View the Document »

Notice, signed by Andrew Jackson's Secretary of State, to world leaders regarding American ships. Circa 1800s. View the Document »