Undated broadside announcing meeting at Ridgeway townhall hosted by J.H. Orvin, president of the Home Folks Ice Cream Factory which was beginning operations in Columbia, S.C.; Orvin hosted this public meeting hoping to interest local farmers in the dairy, circa 1900s. View the Document »

Broadside publicizing organization of the association and soliciting financial assistance in building a monument to our Confederate heroes, signed by president, Lucy Holcombe Pickens (1832-1899). View the Document »

Translation of Letter from Sigmund Freud to Ludwig Lewisohn held at the Library of Congress. The original letter in German can be viewed there. View the Document »

Treasury department. United States Public health service. Influenza spread by droplets sprayed from nose and throat. Cover each cough and sneeze with handkerchief. Spread by contact. Avoid crowds. If possible, walk to work. Do not spit on floor View the Document »

Image of the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933 - "An Act to encourage national industrial recovery, to foster fair competition, and to provide for the construction of certain useful public works, and for other purposes." June 16, 1933. View the Document »