In a letter to Columbia residents, Simkins began a fundraisers to support a hospital for African Americans in Columbia and Richalnd County. Simkins dedicated much of her time to raising money for the hospital and encouraging black residents to use the facilities after the construction was completed. View the Document »

Letter of condemnation from J.B Barker at the State Highway Department to John Shaw Billings for piece of Redcliffe property on which to build a road to the hydrogen bomb plant; 28 Dec. 1950 View the Document »

Bernard Baruch was a wealthy financier, philanthropist, and presidential advisor. Baruch, like Blatt, was of the Jewish faith and a native of South Carolina. Blatt is attempting to use his connections to Baruch to get Winston Churchill to visit the state for the unveiling of a portrait of famous South Carolinian John Rutledge. View the Document »

Albert Watson represented South Carolina's Second District in the United States House of Representatives. As this letter indicates, his own views were increasingly out of step with the national Democratic Party on civil rights issues. Watson even supported Republican nominee Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidential election. In 1965, Watson himself switched to the Republicans. He continued to serve the Second District until he ran for governor in 1970. View the Document »

West responds privately to an editorial by Wilcox that questioned the advantages of foreign industry locating corporations in South Carolina. According to West biographer Phil Grose, West's "'reverse investment' effort had some stunning results. By 1975 roughly 10 percent of the entire European industrial investment in America resided in South Carolina, a fact that laid nice groundwork for the arrival of the BMW plant a decade later." View the Document »

West writes to Hollings to call to his attention two developing advantages of Kershaw County for industry: a proposed new gas line and the possibility of the Wateree River becoming navigable from Charleston to Camden. West was instrumental in the eventual landing of an Elgin Watch Company plant in the county. View the Document »

Letter from S. D. Lee to Paul Hamilton the elder, re the younger Hamilton's death at the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou (26-29 Dec. 1862), Lee's admiration of Hamilton, Hamilton's love of his mother, and funeral arrangements. The remaining images of the four page letter can be found by following the Source URL View the Document »

Letter from Oscar M. Lieber to his parents (Francis and Matilda Oppenheimer Lieber), containing a firsthand account of the assault on and surrender of Fort Sumter: "the object [i.e. surrender] obtained after a most valiant defence and yet not a man killed or even badly hurt on either side." Also discusses Lieber's admiration for Maj. Robert Anderson, his contempt for the "cowardice of the U.S. fleet" and seeing Louis Wigfall and Gov. John L. Manning. View the Document »