Beginning in 2001, school and district “report cards,” indicating whether the local schools were rated as excellent, good, average, below average, or unsatisfactory, were sent to parents and published in local newspapers. Read the Entry »

EFA is a “foundation program,” the type of school-funding system used in most states. Read the Entry »

Although not all EIA programs have survived, the dedicated sales tax has been maintained in a separate revenue fund and continues to be used for increasing the level of South Carolina’s student achievement. Read the Entry »

As governor, Edwards won praise, and even his detractors admitted that the former oral surgeon had done considerably better than expected. Read the Entry »

In 1893 Edwards began his architectural career in Roanoke, Virginia, as a draftsman for Charles Coker Wilson, who returned to South Carolina in 1895 with Edwards to open an office in Columbia. Read the Entry »

The Eight Box Law of 1882 was an election law designed to ensure white supremacy in South Carolina without violating the Fifteenth Amendment, which barred states from depriving their citizens of the vote on the basis of race. Read the Entry »

He used radio, direct mail, and a nationwide evangelistic campaign to build a large following, particularly among African Americans. Read the Entry »

By the spring of 1942, the rumors of Eleanor Clubs had become so widespread and alarming that public officials, including Mrs. Roosevelt, called in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to see if they were true. Read the Entry »

The act laid out voting requirements and electoral districts. Each candidate for the Commons House of Assembly was required to reside in the area he was to represent and to be worth £500 currency or possess an equal amount of land. Read the Entry »

It must be remembered, however, that the full voting strength of white South Carolina was still insufficient to win a fair election. According to an 1875 special state census, South Carolina had 74,193 white men over age twenty-one and 110,735 black men over age twenty-one. Read the Entry »