In addition to being his own librettist, Floyd has composed more than ten stage works, song cycles, music for orchestra and chorus, and music for piano. Read the Entry »

At the heart of the cooking are the foods that grow well in the state, supplemented by wild fish and game. Read the Entry »

Football at USC and Clemson has become a big business enterprise, with each program having annual budgets that reach into the millions of dollars. Read the Entry »

Natural wonders abound along the Foothills Trail, including waterfalls, bears, deer, grouse, turkeys, trout, salamanders, hemlocks, laurels, rhododendrons, and trilliums. Read the Entry »

Forest Acres flourished as a bedroom community to Columbia and soon posted one of the highest per capita income levels in the state. Read the Entry »

The Fort Hill complex is comprised of the dwelling house, Calhoun’s office, a reconstructed kitchen, and a springhouse. Read the Entry »

By the end of the twentieth century, Fort Jackson was the army’s largest training post for new soldiers. Read the Entry »

Located on Charleston harbor, Fort Johnson was constructed on the northeast point of James Island in 1708. Read the Entry »

Fort Mill had become a popular bedroom community by the late 1980s, and industry and residential growth continued to fuel the community through the 1990s. Read the Entry »

For most of its history, Fort Moore served as the province’s major Indian trading center for deerskins and other animal hides. Read the Entry »