South Carolina is one of the leading golfing states in the nation, in terms of courses, participants, and tournament play. Read the Entry »

Inspired by the rise of Ben Tillman’s hate-mongering but successful campaign for governor in 1890, Ambrose, Narciso, and their younger brother William, founded the State newspaper in Columbia as an ardent and outspoken anti-Tillman daily. Read the Entry »

Hoping to give a voice to the conservative wing of the Democratic Party after Ben Tillman’s election to the governorship, Gonzales joined with his brother Ambrose to found the State Publishing Company in January 1891, with the financial backing of conservative Democrats. Read the Entry »

Working under his brother Narciso, William’s career in journalism began to take shape. Narciso had served as William’s greatest supporter and mentor, and his death at the hands of James Tillman in 1903 severely affected William. Read the Entry »

The region became the home base of the “Goose Creek Men,” the politically and economically powerful faction that consistently challenged the authority of the Lords Proprietors in the colony. Read the Entry »

In order to advance their interests, the Goose Creek Men formed an opposition faction that for decades exerted considerable influence in Carolina affairs. They were united by common economic interests, such as the trade in Indian slaves and trafficking with pirates. They viewed the Lords Proprietors as political and economic threats to their prosperity and independence. Read the Entry »

Although the term “southern gospel” would eventually encompass a variety of styles (country, bluegrass, etc.), the genre at this time was defined by the musical arrangements sold by the Vaughan and Baxter-Stamps publishing companies. Read the Entry »

Until 1869 South Carolina never furnished its executive officer with a residence. Governors used their private homes to serve as the seat of the state’s executive office. Read the Entry »

Among the rare specialized high schools nationally, GSSM’s class schedule is more like that of a college than high school. Students are required to do an independent research project. There is a January interim semester for a variety of educational experiences. Read the Entry »

The governorship of South Carolina is a dynamic office that has changed frequently, and sometimes dramatically, during the past three hundred years. As the biographies of individual governors show, each has faced common as well as unique challenges, often with mixed results. Read the Entry »