Storms that make landfall along the Gulf of Mexico, Georgia, and North Carolina coastline often impact South Carolina as well. The primary threats from hurricanes in South Carolina include storm surge, high winds, rainfall-induced flooding, and tornadoes. Read the Entry »

Unlike his female counterparts, Hutty rarely idealized the city and its residents, choosing instead to show the decay and decrepitude that lay around him. His proficiency with drypoint—an enhancement of the etching technique, which created rich, inky lines—complemented his rendering of live oaks draped with Spanish moss, dilapidated old buildings, and animated African Americans. Read the Entry »

In 1974 Hyer became South Carolina’s second poet laureate—a fitting honor for a poet whose work reflected a deep love for her state. Frequent topics of Hyer’s verse include Confederate heroes, South Carolina history, and southern romance. Read the Entry »