The porch of the former All Saints Summer Academy on Pawleys Island. The house was most likely built in the late 1830s and stood until Hurricane Hugo destroyed it in 1989. Note the homemade joggling board on the left side of the porch. View the Image »

Part of All Saints' Parish, which was established in 1767, this is the fifth building for this church. View the Image »

This image shows the Allendale branch of the AHJ Regional Library. Back of the image reads 'Buildings, New, Headquarters-A-H-J Regional Library and Allendale Branch, 1951.' View the Image »

This tombstone in the Allston family cemetery at the Oaks plantation, is for Joseph Alston, his wife, Theodosia and son, Aaron Burr Alston. The inscription reads, "the loss of this Citizen was no common one to the State. To its service he devoted himself from his early years. On the floor for its legislature, he was distinguished for his extensive information and correct decisions: And everywhere, he was distinguished for his zealous attachments to republican principles. In the capacity of Chief Magistrate of the State, when both the honor and the responsibility of the trust were heightened by the difficulties of the War of 1812, he by his indomitable activity and his salutary measures earned new titles to the respect and the Gratitude of his fellow citizens". View the Image »