Aware that African Americans did not have access to suitable medical care, Littlejohn created the John-Nina Hospital in 1913. Read the Entry »

In midsummer 1988 the teenager Chris Davis spotted the Lizard Man. The monster was seven feet tall with green, scaly skin, red eyes, and three toes on each foot. Read the Entry »

Local government in South Carolina consists of general-purpose governments and special-purpose governments. Counties and municipalities comprise the general-purpose governments. Special-purpose governments in South Carolina include school districts and special-purpose districts. Read the Entry »

The 1975 Home Rule Act provided for three forms of city government: weak-mayor, strong-mayor, and council-manager; and four forms of county government: council, council-supervisor, council-administrator, and council-manager. Read the Entry »

Lockwood Greene, the oldest continuously operating professional services firm in the United States, is an international engineering and construction organization based in Spartanburg. Read the Entry »

As a professional horticulturist, Logan sold roots, cuttings, and seeds at her nursery. She advertised her plants and related products in the South-Carolina Gazette. Read the Entry »

The loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), a threatened species, was named the state reptile in an act signed by Governor Carroll Campbell on June 1, 1988. Read the Entry »

At times referred to as Belfast and Londonderry, the 22,000-acre Londonborough Township was laid out on Hard Labour Creek in 1762. Read the Entry »

Through the Extension Service, Long helped improve crop production, the livestock industry, commodity marketing, rural cooperation, and the social life of rural South Carolina. Read the Entry »

Chartered in 1869, the Longshoremen Protective Union Association (LPUA) established the legacy of a strong union presence, comprised almost exclusively of African Americans, along Charleston’s docks. Read the Entry »