The love and practice of oratory did not emerge full-grown in antebellum South Carolina. South Carolina College, where training and experience in public speaking was a central focus of higher education, was a hothouse for developing orators. Read the Entry »

The honor is awarded by the governor to an individual “in grateful recognition of your contributions and friendship to the State of South Carolina and her people.” The honoree receives a certificate signed by the governor and bearing an impression of the state seal. Read the Entry »

The economic revival of the 1880s provided a more congenial atmosphere for unionizing. As was true elsewhere in the United States, organized labor was generally more successful in urban areas and among skilled workers. Read the Entry »

Petitioned by convention members to run for governor, Orr became the first popularly elected chief executive in the state’s history. Inaugurated November 29, 1865, he and his administration saw the establishment of a state penitentiary, the provision of artificial limbs for Confederate amputees, the reopening of South Carolina College and other schools, the rebuilding of the state’s governmental infrastructure, and passage of the controversial “Black Codes,” which Orr felt was unwise. Read the Entry »

An avid reader of detective stories, Ottolengui was a pioneer in forensic dentistry and authored at least five mystery novels. Read the Entry »

Through the years Owens Field has offered general aviation services including aircraft repair, sales, service, and flight instruction. Hawthorne Flying Service and Dixie Aviation received a five-year contact to operate Owens Field in 1946. In 1964 Midlands Aviation began operating the facility. Read the Entry »