In South Carolina in the early twenty-first century, there were several other flourishing denominations that represented Pentecostalism, many with roots in the earlier Holiness movement. Read the Entry »

In colonial South Carolina the periagua was the workhorse of river travel. It took settlers to the backcountry and served as their main vehicle of transportation and supply. Read the Entry »

Perry’s political career culminated with his appointment as provisional governor of South Carolina by President Andrew Johnson Read the Entry »

“Miss Jim” Perry was the first woman admitted to the South Carolina Bar and a distinguished lawyer and civic leader for forty years. Read the Entry »

Perry’s most notable cases included his representation of Harvey Gantt in his admission as the first black student at Clemson University in 1963 and James Solomon and Henri Monteith in their admission that same year as the first African American students of the University of South Carolina in the twentieth century. Read the Entry »

From about 1898 to 1926 Perry ran the Elhanan orphanage and school for poor children in Marion, North Carolina. Read the Entry »

Although a professional-bowl-caliber defensive lineman, Perry became a national media sensation when head coach Mike Ditka began using the massive rookie as a running back. Read the Entry »

Peterkin’s stark, poignant stories about black country folk were among the first flowerings in the movement toward ironic, realistic regional fiction later known as the Southern Renaissance Read the Entry »

In the 1850s Petigru’s most distinctive equity practice relied heavily on arbitration and mediation to avoid erratic decisions from judges he considered inept Read the Entry »

Petroglyphs (rock carvings) and pictographs (drawings or painting on rock) are collectively referred to as “rock art.” Read the Entry »