A prolific author, Shepard wrote dozens of papers reporting on his mineral observations, many of which were published in the American Journal of Science, which Silliman edited. Read the Entry »

In addition to his law practice, Sheppard served as director and president of the Bank of Edgefield, director of the Edgefield Farmers’ Loan and Savings Bank, and director of the Edgefield Ginning, Milling, and Mining Company. Read the Entry »

Sheriff’s efforts to train and license lay midwives in South Carolina during the postwar decades reveal the pragmatism that guided her public health policies. Read the Entry »

This Union campaign is one of the most controversial of the Civil War because of the damage it wrought to civilian property and the questions it raised about fair play in war. Read the Entry »

From 1939 until 1990 the musical career of Pappy Sherrill was closely entwined with that of Snuffy Jenkins. They recorded later albums for Folk-Lyric, Rounder, and Old Homestead. Read the Entry »

Many South Carolinians catch their own shrimp, usually by pulling a seine or by casting a circular net (which takes training as well as strength). Small creek shrimp caught in shallow, brackish waters are thought to be sweeter than those caught further out in the rivers and ocean. It is rare to find any of these commercially caught shrimp very far off the coast in South Carolina. Read the Entry »

The popularity of owning silver grew, as indicated by the high number of silversmiths and jewelers working in the Charleston area between 1780 and 1820. Read the Entry »

Located near the South Carolina–Georgia state line, Silver Bluff Baptist Church is one of the oldest independent African American Christian congregations in the United States. Read the Entry »

Simkins’s contributions to the field of southern history were enormous. Two themes recurred in his writing: the South ought to be treated on its own terms; and the South possessed cultural characteristics that were different from those of the rest of the nation. Read the Entry »

Simkins’s life embodied many of the ideals set forth by her parents. She proved herself as an independent leader and advocate for the black community. Read the Entry »