J. P. Neal Jr. interviews musician John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie. Watch the Video »

Various scenes of activities before the race. Man receiving an award, Confederate flag, woman on float shaped like an eagle, and cars racing around the track. Watch the Video »

Scenes of '70 Plymouth stock car and its driver, Dick Brooks. High shots of garage area. Brooks being interviewed about the status of his car after an accident. Speaks about the upcoming race. More of the qualifying race car drivers including Hoss Ellington in a '69 Plymouth. Contestants for "Miss Southern 500" posing for photographers by motel swimming pool. Watch the Video »

Albert Hinson speaks to workers of the Parkdale Mill in Gastonia. Urges workers to establish a union local. Crowds cheer the result of a workers vote to “stop off” (i.e., strike). Additional silent scenes showing the grounds of Parkdale Mill. Watch the Video »

Footage of the 1960 Southern 500 race held at Darlington Raceway. Features shots of the race, inside the cars and spectators at the track. Shows the winning team and cup. Production: Southern News Clips NASCAR Grand National race number 35 of 44 Monday, September 5, 1960, Darlington, SC 364 laps on a 1.375 mile paved track (500.5 miles) Note: Buck Baker won the 1960 NASCAR Grand National Series Southern 500. In a race with 48 entries, numerous crashes occurred and the race proved tragic, first when Ankrum "Spook" Crawford was injured when a car crashed into the unprotected pit road area; later Bobby Johns crashed in the pits, killing three. Richard Petty led 106 laps but spun out with 50 laps to go. Pole-sitter Glenn Roberts broke an axle and finished ninth, 11 laps down. Rex White was flagged the winner, but a reexamination of scoring showed White was credited with one extra lap he hadn't run, giving the win to Buck Baker. Watch the Video »

The raw, unedited footage of the new natural grass playing surface being installed at Williams-Brice Stadium. During the 1983–84 offseason, at the urging of new coach Joe Morrison, the university removed the AstroTurf and replaced it with natural grass. Watch the Video »

"Religious fanatic here to speak for first time in seven years. Baba's mission is to save the world." Scene of a group, including actor Quentin Tod, walking in garden. Meher Baba points to an alphabet board and is interpreted by an interviewer. Meher Baba says, "To make others realize the truth in every phase of life, and to make brotherhood a practical reality. When I break my silence, those to whom I speak will be instantaneously convinced of the truth. I have especially come to America, because there is tremendous energy in America, but most of this energy is misdirected. I intend to direct it into creative and spiritual channels.” Watch the Video »

Interior: medium closeup Mayor Lester Bates being interviewed. Says that six hundred (600) people are on a waiting list for public housing who can not pay higher rent. City Council wants private enterprise, not the Federal Government, to provide homes for Negroes (African - Americans). Watch the Video »

Film shows the Camden Hunt, with people on horseback, hounds running and horses jumping stiles and gates. Titles. The Hunt Breakfast at Mulberry Plantation and people gathered on the steps at the back of the house. Shows the opening races at the Springdale race course and people gathered to watch, horses paraded and the race. Shows the Camden Hunt, third annual hunter trials in February 24th, 1931, and the second annual running of the Carolina Cup in March 21, 1931. Carolina Cup winner was Sea Soldier, owned by Mill Creek Stables and ridden by J.V.H. (Bobby) Davis, and trained by L. Cary. Shows presentation of the cup. Watch the Video »