Shot of "County Jail" sign. African-American Civil Rights activists, including Reverend James Blake, exit the county jail after being released. Matthew Perry and NAACP leaders greet them. Watch the Video »

James Clyburn speaks about the planned unveiling of a portrait of Mary McLeod Bethune on July 10th. Image is underexposed. Watch the Video »

Dreher High School students Susan Copenhaver and Jean Hoefer comment on winning the National Forensic League Debate. They describe their problems on preparing for the debate, their reaction to winning, and their future plans. Jean Hoefer would go on to become Chief Justice Jean Hoefer Toal. Chief Justice Toal is a lawyer who served in South Carolina’s House of Representatives before serving as the first woman on the Supreme Court of South Carolina. She spent 27 years on the South Carolina Supreme Court, 15 as Chief Justice, before retiring in 2015. Watch the Video »

Department of Agriculture is conducting a campaign to introduce the public to the soybean. William J. Morse of the USDA with assistant shows various foods that can be made with soybeans. Fields of soybeans. Watch the Video »

The Jenkins Orphanage Band of Charleston has been recognized as one of the country's important Jazz "incubators". This Fox Movietone News film is the earliest extant sound recording of the band. Brass and percussion ensemble composed of band members performing on sidewalk. Close ups of the youthful musicians playing their instruments. Shots of boys and girls dancing in front of band. Watch the Video »

Ku Klux Klan rally held at Ballentine (in Richland County). Grand Dragons from five states attend as does the Klan’s Imperial Wizard, Robert Sheldon, of Tuscaloosa. The rally features musicians performing from the stage. Women and children are present as well, some of them wearing Klan robes. Audio is intermittent but portions of speeches by Sheldon and two others can be heard. Klansmen burn a cross after the speeches. Watch the Video »

Dam site under construction with voice-over description giving statistics. Close-up of South Carolina Governor John Gardiner Richards, Jr. inviting everyone to visit South Carolina and see the project (two takes). African-American workers (”gandy dancers”) sing while moving railroad tracks. Shots of machinery, steam shovel moving earth onto flatbed railroad cars, intake pipes from the Saluda River, and railroad cars dumping earth onto dam site. Long shot of water is being sprayed onto dam to strengthen surface after spraying. Watch the Video »

Honea Path, SC - Funeral for 6 Chiquola Mill workers shot while picketing. General views of the funeral. George L. Googe and John Peel address the crowd. Watch the Video »

Modjeska Simkins speaks on the status of Black leadership in South Carolina and on the opening of public facilities as a highlight of the Civil Rights movement. The fight for economic development, the fight against the drug trade, the establishment of "family values," and support for "law and order" should be the focus of future efforts. She speaks on the conflict between herself and Democratic Party leaders in the 1960s. Simkins states that the Confederate Flag flying above the State Capitol Building signifies a celebration of a defeat, and says compromise is necessary for the political process. She also speaks on the lack of Black representation on State Boards and Commissions. Watch the Video »