Modjeska Simkins describes membership in the Republican Party before 1950s and says she holds an independent political philosophy. Simkins supports individual candidates regardless of party affilation. She states, "I am not a South Carolina Democratic Party member." Shots of reporter Tom Broadwater asking Simkins questions. Watch the Video »

Henrie Monteith is interviewed on the front porch of her home about her admission to the University of South Carolina. When asked if she believes her admission will be a source of trouble on campus, she replies, "I hope not." Watch the Video »

Eugene A. R. Montgomery is interviewed by Dr. Grace Jordan McFadden of the University of S. C. Montgomery describes his childhood, education, and military service in the Marine Corps. He tells of his hiring as field director of state NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). He recalls the 1948 white primary fight and voting registration efforts. He speaks on the relationship between the NAACP and the "Progressive Democratic Party". Montgomery reviews the Clarendon County school desegregation suit. Watch the Video »

Stock car driver Richard Petty being interviewed during “Rebel 400.” Speaks about recent racing difficulties, changes to the Darlington track, and impact of weather upon speed records. Watch the Video »

Demonstrators march in front of "Woolworth" store. Protesters carry signs with messages including “This is the land of the free and the home of the brave,” “Segregation is America’s shame,” and “Please be a good American. Don’t buy discrimination here.” This demonstration followed the arrest of the “Friendship Nine” and one other student, all from Friendship Junior College, for attempting to order food at the segregated lunch counter at McCrory’s. Watch the Video »

height: 19" width: 15" depth: 9". Plaster (?). Torso sculpture of man wearing a jacket, vest, shirt and tie. Signed on back: "A. Wolfe Davidson sc / 1935." Inscribed on back: "PROF. RUDOLPH E. LEE" Watch the Video »

Exterior; day: various scenes of the construction of the Pinopolis Dam on Lake Marion / Moultrie. Watch the Video »