Septima Clark, often referred to as the “grandmother” or “mother” of the Civil Rights movement, speaks to a class of African-American university students on her Civil Rights experiences. Seated at a table next to University of South Carolina professor Dr. Grace McFadden, Ms. Clark recounts activities with Rosa Parks; the start of the Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott; and escaping from a fire-bombed church in Mississippi. Watch the Video »

Fox News Story 1566, filmed on November 21, 1919 (silent). Scenes at the docks after settlement of longshoremen's strike. View of coffee stacked on dock. Workmen carrying sacks. Watch the Video »

The 1974 State Democratic Party Convention at Columbia's Township Auditorium. Candidates' supporters outside the Auditorium, including Alex Sanders' Ragtime Band. Inside the Auditorium, South Carolina Governor John West speaks. He says the state cannot afford a Republican Governor. Senator Hubert Humphrey (Minnesota) speaks to the differences between the two political parties. Appearances by congressional candidate Matthew J. Perry and Senator Ernest "Fritz" Hollings. Don Fowler gives an interview, and observes that the "Watergate" scandal is a consideration in this election cycle. Convention activities. Shots of Alex Sanders. Watch the Video »

Close-ups of Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, President of National Association and another unidentified woman. Watch the Video »

Miss Bee Jackson does the "Charleston" while the Jenkins Orphanage Band plays in the background. Other scenes include Ms. Jackson teaching young women how to dance, children dancing, a closeup of the trombone players, and a high shot of people dancing in the street in front of the Jenkins Orphanage. Watch the Video »

Interior: medium closeup Senator Strom Thurmond (South Carolina) speaking. Describes the tactics that the opponents of the bill will use. Note: handout. Watch the Video »

Interior: medium shot Senator Strom Thurmond (South Carolina). Gives his reasons for abolishing the Civil Rights Commission; does not operate as intended; its history; and the extreme recomendations of the Commission. Note: handout Watch the Video »

The Timmonsville tobacco market opens for business. Miss South Carolina 1967, Peggy White, and others inspect the tobacco crop for auction at Farmer's Market. Watch the Video »

Features a portion of the game played at the Carolina Stadium on October 24th 1946 between the USC Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers. Rex Enright guided the Gamecocks to a 5-3 record in 1946, but the most memorable contest came against Clemson. South Carolina won the game for the school’s first win over Clemson in the Modern Era, 26-14. Watch the Video »

Interior: medium shot Governor John West at news / press conference describes the achivements of the latest legislative session. Note: Medical School; automobile insurance; housing bill. Watch the Video »