From the first settlement of the colony of Carolina in 1670 to the present day, foreign migrants have added their own distinctive cultural traits to the state. Read the Entry »

These Baptists have a highly exclusivist view of human salvation and for this reason emphasize personal conversion, evangelism, and revivalism. Read the Entry »

After an initial career as a lawyer, Harry Legare Watson (1876–1956) of Phoenix, South Carolina, merged the two papers in 1919 and continued as owner and editor for the rest of his life. Read the Entry »

The expectation was that the commission would help to promote peace between the two peoples. Read the Entry »

These mounds, built between c.e. 1200 and 1500, were ceremonial, cultural, or administrative in nature and at times were associated with villages and burials. Read the Entry »

Here, Carolina fur traders awaited them to receive payment on trade items sold to Indians the previous year on credit. Current purchases from the traders were made on credit to be paid for with the next season’s hunt. Read the Entry »

In addition to economic motives, indigo production also succeeded because it fit within the existing agricultural economy. The crop could be grown on land not suited for rice and tended by slaves, so planters and farmers already committed to plantation agriculture did not have to reconfigure their land and labor. Read the Entry »

The textile industry was the most significant early industry to take root in the upcountry and Piedmont regions of South Carolina. Some New England manufacturers saw potential for factory operations along the backcountry rivers and set up a handful of small mills there after 1814. Read the Entry »

South Carolina did not escape the pandemic. By October 15, approximately 50,000 cases had been reported within the state. By the time the epidemic receded, some 14,250 South Carolinians had died from complications associated with the influenza. Read the Entry »

Inman Mills uses air-jet and rapier weaving with open-end and air-jet spinning to produce high quality blended greige goods, woven cotton, poly/cotton, and polyester. Read the Entry »