A wooden boardwalk allows visitors to wander down the steep bluff, over Black Creek, and through the cypress swamp. The changes in terrain create varied habitats that support a diversity of plants and animals. Read the Entry »

Kellogg sought to familiarize American audiences with the European opera repertoire. Consequently, her company’s performances were sung in English, rather than Italian, German, or French. The troupe disbanded in 1876 after enjoying only moderate success. Read the Entry »

Although the proposals made by the firm were too ambitious to receive serious consideration, Kelsey and Guild’s work set an important precedent for municipal planning in South Carolina. Read the Entry »

Influenced by his travels in Europe, Singleton renamed the plantation “Kensington” and hired the Charleston architect Edward C. Jones to renovate the main house, which in its original form was probably a small, plain, upcountry farmhouse. By the time the project reached completion in 1854, Jones had created a Renaissance-inspired residence that recalled the country villas of northern Italy. Read the Entry »

Intersected by the fall line and two rivers, the Lynches and the Wateree, the geography of Kershaw County influenced its settlement and character. The Piedmont soils of the hilly northwest contrast with the meandering river floodplains in the southeastern section and the sandhills terrain predominant in the other areas. Read the Entry »

His business operations expanded to include a large flour and grist mill, indigo works, a warehouse, a brewery, and a distillery. He and his partners also acquired grants for several thousands of acres of land across the colony. In 1769 Kershaw played a lead role in convincing his Pine Tree Hill neighbors to lay out a series of streets and lots, which became the town of Camden. Read the Entry »

Kershaw was made colonel of the Second South Carolina Regiment. Its first engagement was at Fort Sumter (April 12, 1861), where the regiment manned the Morris Island fortifications. Shortly thereafter the regiment was sent to Virginia and played an active role in the Confederate victory at First Manassas (July 21, 1861). In January 1862 Kershaw was given command of a brigade, and the following month he was promoted to brigadier general. Read the Entry »

Keyserling led successful efforts to improve state funding for the arts, became a major critic of state policy on nuclear waste storage, and provided an influential voice on broad policy issues involving energy. Read the Entry »

He helped to create the U.S. Housing Authority, and as the agency’s acting administrator and general counsel oversaw construction of millions of residences for war workers. His 1944 essay on postwar employment has been cited as the basis for the historic Employment Act of 1946, which created the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) and firmly established a federal government role in the expansion and stability of the national economy. Read the Entry »

A world-famous resort, Kiawah boasts expansive beaches, as well as superb tennis and golf facilities. Read the Entry »