Newberry College

The college maintains close relations with the Lutheran Church, relating to four synods of the ELCA: South Carolina, Southeastern, Florida-Bahamas, and Caribbean. Its mission statement asserts, “As a Lutheran college, Newberry College recognizes the value of academic freedom, intellectual dialogue, and diversity of viewpoint. The Lutheran tradition also celebrates the concept of vocation, leading students to prepare for meaningful life experiences, occupations, and service to the world as well as to the church.”

North Greenville College

In 1992 North Greenville College added bachelor’s programs, and the first bachelor’s degree was awarded in 1993. With a 2001 enrollment of approximately twelve hundred students, the college continues to award bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields and participates in intercollegiate athletics as a part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Its mission has consistently been “to provide a quality educational experience in the context of a genuine Christian commitment.”

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