Dr. Lunz and Ethel Trenholm Seabrook Nepveux

Dr. George Robert Lunz, Jr. sits with his cousin, Ethel Trenholm Seabrook (Nepveux), outside of his home in Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. Lunz (1909-1969) was a marine biologist and was honored in 1936 with having a new species of marine crustacea named for him, Pinninza lunzi. He built a special laboratory at the Charleston Museum and served as the director of the S.C. Wildlife Resources Department (DNR) Commercial Fisheries Division and Bear's Bluff. He was the son of George R. Lunz and Minnie Whilden Lofton Lunz of McClellanville. Robert Jr., was married to Elsie Melchers and they had a daughter named, Betsy.

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