Steamboat License

Department of Commerce and Labor/Steamboat Inspection Service/ United States License/To Operate or Navigate Vessels of Fifteen Gross Tons or Less, Propelled in Whole or In Part By Gas, Gasoline, Petroleum, Naphtha, Fluid, or Electricity, and Carrying Passengers for Hire./ Gurdon L. Tarbox/ is hereby Licensed, under the provisions of an Act of Congress, approved May 16, 1906, for the term of five years from this date, by the Board of Local Inspectors, Steamboat Inspection Service for the district of Charleston, S.C., to operate and navigate vessels of fifteen gross tons or less, propelled in whole or in part by gas, gasoline, petroleum, naphtha, fluid, or electricity, and carrying passengers for hire. Given under our hands, this 10th day of October, 1908/ Signed by the U.S. Local Inspector of Hulls and U.S. Local Inspector of Boilers. Serial number 22425.

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