1960 Southern 500

Footage of the 1960 Southern 500 race held at Darlington Raceway. Features shots of the race, inside the cars and spectators at the track. Shows the winning team and cup. Production: Southern News Clips NASCAR Grand National race number 35 of 44 Monday, September 5, 1960, Darlington, SC 364 laps on a 1.375 mile paved track (500.5 miles) Note: Buck Baker won the 1960 NASCAR Grand National Series Southern 500. In a race with 48 entries, numerous crashes occurred and the race proved tragic, first when Ankrum "Spook" Crawford was injured when a car crashed into the unprotected pit road area; later Bobby Johns crashed in the pits, killing three. Richard Petty led 106 laps but spun out with 50 laps to go. Pole-sitter Glenn Roberts broke an axle and finished ninth, 11 laps down. Rex White was flagged the winner, but a reexamination of scoring showed White was credited with one extra lap he hadn't run, giving the win to Buck Baker.