Johnson, Robert

Johnson, Robert

ca. 1676–May 3, 1735

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Bonnet, Stede

Bonnet was a member of the planter elite until 1717, when he purchased and armed the sloop Revenge and left his family to pursue a career as a pirate. After a significant defeat, Bonnet relinquished his command of Revenge and joined Blackbeard aboard Queen Anne’s Revenge. Augmenting their flotilla with two sloops, Blackbeard and Bonnet returned to the Carolinas, arriving off Charleston in mid-May 1718. After being captured by Colonel William Rhett, he was convicted and hanged on December 10, 1718, at White Point (now the Battery, Charleston).

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  • Keywords Governor, sympathized with provincial concerns that the proprietors neglected the colony, Johnson personally led a fleet of vessels against two pirate ships blockading Charleston harbor, Stede Bonnet and Richard Worley, royal governor of South Carolina,
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