Johnson, William Bullein

Johnson, William Bullein

June 13, 1782–October 2, 1862

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Baptists are by far the largest religious group in South Carolina, and in many ways they are the most diverse. They are black and white, Asian and Hispanic, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, and liberal and conservative in their politics, their social views, and their theology. As different as Baptist groups or even churches within a group may be from each other, almost all Baptists share a commitment to believers’ baptism by immersion, the Bible as the primary source of faith, and a congregational church polity.

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  • Title Johnson, William Bullein
  • Coverage June 13, 1782–October 2, 1862
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  • Keywords Clergyman, educator, instrumental in founding the Columbia's First Baptist Church, principal of the Greenville Female Academy, Johnson Female Seminary (later Johnson Female University), founded in 1848 in Anderson, served as president of the national Triennial Convention from 1841 to 1844,
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