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Lee, Rudolph Edward

Lee, Rudolph Edward

March 12, 1876–October 23, 1959


Textile Building, Clemson College

A red-brick academic building with ivy coverings. The textile building was part of Clemson College (now Clemson University). Clemson was founded in 1889, but did not enroll students until 1893. The school’s charter is essentially the last will and testament of Thomas Green Clemson. In 1913, Clemson offered textiles as a major, but students also had the option of taking just a two-year course in textiles. In the fall of 1918, an influenza epidemic broke out. The Textile Building was one of several buildings converted into temporary hospital wards.

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  • Title Lee, Rudolph Edward
  • Coverage March 12, 1876–October 23, 1959
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  • Keywords Architect, educator, completed two years at the South Carolina Military Academy (the Citadel), took on his first design project at Clemson, appointment to the State Board of Architectural Examiners, built the architecture program at Clemson, emeritus member of the American Institute of Architects
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