General Benjamin Lincoln-restored
Lincoln, Benjamin

Lincoln, Benjamin

January 24, 1733–May 9, 1810

Letter from Benjamin Lincoln to Nathanael Greene

Letter from Benjamin Lincoln to Nathanael Greene regarding the issues the government encountered when attempting to pay the soldiers of the Revolution and discussing possible solutions. General discussions of economics, the nature of the relationship with France, and establishing trade with several Spanish ports are also discussed.

Washington to General Benjamin Lincoln, September 28, 1779

In the following letter from Washington to Lincoln, Washington indicates his views of British intentions in the near future. According to the letter, what does Washington think the British will do? Why does he think so?

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  • Title Lincoln, Benjamin
  • Coverage January 24, 1733–May 9, 1810
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  • Keywords Soldier, appointed him a major general of militia in February 1776, fall of Charleston, helped Horatio Gates defeat General John Burgoyne’s British army in the Saratoga campaign, served as second in command to Washington during the Yorktown campaign,
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