Manning, Richard Irvine, III

Manning, Richard Irvine, III

August 15, 1859–September 11, 1931


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  • Title Manning, Richard Irvine, III
  • Coverage August 15, 1859–September 11, 1931
  • Author
  • Keywords two terms as governor were among the most progressive in South Carolina history, Governor, Sumter County to the South Carolina House of Representatives, establishment of a school for mentally handicapped children, the opening of a state tuberculosis hospital, the creation of an industrial school for delinquent white females, the separation of the State Reformatory for Negro Boys from penitentiary control, the creation of the state highway commission, the reinstatement and reorganization of the South Carolina National Guard, and the introduction of the secret ballot for all elections.
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  • Publisher University of South Carolina, Institute for Southern Studies
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  • Access Date December 4, 2023
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  • Date of Last Update August 11, 2022
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