Robert Barnwell Rhett. Wikimedia Commons.

Rhett, Robert Barnwell

December 21, 1800–September 14, 1876


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  • Title Rhett, Robert Barnwell
  • Coverage December 21, 1800–September 14, 1876
  • Author
  • Keywords Congressman, U.S. senator, elected to the state House of Representative by the voters of St. Bartholomew’s Parish, earned a reputation as one of South Carolina’s most vehement critics of the Tariff of 1828, the so-called “Tariff of Abominations.”, Bluffton Movement, leader of the immediate secessionists, or “fire-eaters,” in South Carolina, prominent role at the Montgomery Convention,
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  • Publisher University of South Carolina, Institute for Southern Studies
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  • Access Date June 18, 2024
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  • Date of Last Update August 23, 2022
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