Smalls, Robert

Smalls, Robert

April 5, 1839–February 22, 1915


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  • Title Smalls, Robert
  • Coverage April 5, 1839–February 22, 1915
  • Author
  • Keywords Legislator, congressman, employed as a pilot on the cotton steamer Planter, which was impressed into Confederate service as an armed courier, Smalls led the takeover of the Planter by its slave crew, sailed past the harbor’s formidable defenses, and surrendered the vessel to the Federal blockading force, awarded with an army contract as captain of the Planter, involved in seventeen military engagements during the war, 1889 President Benjamin Harrison appointed Smalls as collector of customs for the port of Beaufort, an office he held, except during President Grover Cleveland’s second term, until June 1913, when he was forced out by South Carolina’s senators
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